by Tapajenga



These are a couple of songs I recorded at home during the writing process.


released January 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Tapajenga Austin, Texas

Tapajenga is music written by Paul Mitchell and performed by Paul Mitchell and various friends including Ben Mitchell, Matt Mitchell, Julia Lucille, Kevin Williams, Arron Casper and Zachary Daniel.

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Track Name: The Young Kids
Just two blocks to the steps on the church
We don't go in, we just want salvation
You painted a picture of a chemical swirl
While our friend swim in the chemicals
We cut your hair in the kitchen
We swept it outside and I grew my hair long
We nearly froze to death before we left
You were just a kid when you brought one in
You were in love when we met
It didn't take long for you to be my kin

I gave it up long enough to remember the taste
I gave it up just enough to remember the taste
This is the taste of a teenage misery
This is the taste of the young kids' memory, misery

I held your hand, but you were thinkin' of him
But I'm so lost, just lookin' at your skin
I'm so tired, time keeps moving on
Back and forth you go, and then you come back in
Tell me what's wrong, but you won't talk
And I won't talk cause it's all in my head
Can't we just sit here for a while
I can feel it coming, here we go again
It wouldn't come out anyways
And if it did, it wouldn't sound right to you

I gave you up now I remember how you feel
I gave you up now I remember how it feels
This is the sound of a teenage misery
This is the sound of a young kid's memory, misery

It's closing time, I guess I'll sweep up the floor
Meet me outside, I'll be on the table
It's all cavin' in, these people all look the same
They boarded it up, but we still broke in
All of the places that we used to go
They were so new, but now nobody knows
I think I'm getting sick cause my head aches
You used to change, but now nothing does
I can't count em' on one hand
I guess it's time to start over again

This isn't life it's a teenage misery
This isn't life it's the young kids' memory
This isn't life it's a teenage misery
This isn't life, it just feels like it's the place to be, in misery
Track Name: Red Moon
Gonna go out tonight, stand awkwardly still
There you are in the front, cause you're dancin' with your friends
Oh my brother, so you got trouble with a crowd
Better get used to it, yeah, you get used to it
Cause it runs though your blood, it runs through your blood, yeah

You speak delicately choosing your word carefully
You think that I don't know, you're tryin' to leave me out of this
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you better just leave me out of this

Seems to me like you don't have a conscience
Cause you don't have a family, no, you don't have a family
But I bet you have fun, yeah, I bet you had some fun
But I better come down, better come down from the clouds

Red moon, red moon, red moon, red moon tonight

Hey man why you gotta talk to my girl that way
Seems you got a lot to say, why don't you talk to me that way
But you won't handle this yourself
No you won't handle this you're scared
So you better call the cops, better call the cops on me

So what if I stay, you'll just play dumb
So what if I'm done, I just wanna go home

Red moon, red moon tonight

I'm good how are you