Months Pass By

by Tapajenga

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“Months Pass By” began with a trip I took to Seattle less than two months before we recorded the EP. I got to experience a new place with some of the people I love most. By the end of the trip, I left having made some new friends with some incredible people—people I now love. Originally, the trip was supposed to end in Seattle, but one of my new friends easily convinced me to take a small road trip to Portland before returning home.

While in Portland, I was able to spend some time with the girls in the band Joseph. They told me they would be passing through Waco on tour the following month, and I really wanted to play the show with them.

I decided to work out an acoustic set for the first time, which meant writing some new songs that would fit well in that setting. It was an approach to song writing that I had not taken before, and I found myself wanting to record an EP to document the time remembered in these songs.

My friend, Stephen, at the Busy Box Studio in Dallas, agreed to the idea of tracking, mixing, and releasing the EP in the course of two weeks; a fast, almost impromptu project, but that was what was right for these songs and this different approach. I was also able to work with my good friend, Keith Young, who helped me develop the concepts for the artwork of the EP.

In the studio, we did a lot of live tracking, and got to work with some great people who added violin, cello, and trombone. We loved working on this project, and our hope was that the end result would feel very natural and organic, not fussed-with or over analyzed. We hope that you enjoy it: the small product of a spontaneous idea.

I’d like to give special thanks to:
Ben Mitchell for writing these songs with me, being an incredible brother, and a man I look up to | Ashton Mitchell for giving us never-ending support, and being at every single show | Ben Mitchell, Jaxon Willis, and Evie Pace for making music with me | Stephen Hudson for recording and mixing the EP | Keith Young for designing and creating the artwork for the EP and Laine Young for additional help | John & Kate Sterchi and Jaxon & Leslie Willis for living out “Months Pass By” with me, and being some of the most dear friends I’ve ever had | Christian and Saayeh Anderson for getting married, being the wonderful people they are, and bringing together a group of such amazing people to Seattle | Steph Untz for going to Portland and asking me to tag along | Natalie, Allison, and Meegan Closner of Joseph for encouraging and inspiring creativity | Jaco Cronje, Vincent Ramirez-Boyce, and Jon Cook for adding violin, cello, and trombone to the EP | Always and forever Nana, Dad, Mom, Jenny, Katie, Ben, and Matt for being my family and making me a better man |


released October 1, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by Stephen Hudson at The Busy Box Studio
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion
Album Art by Keith Young

Paul Mitchell: Vocals, Guitars, Pump Organ
Ben Mitchell: Drums, Piano
Jaxon Willis: Bass

Evie Pace: Piano
Jaco Cronje: Violin
Vincent Ramirez-Boyce: Cello
Jon Cook:Trombone



all rights reserved


Tapajenga Austin, Texas

Tapajenga is music written by Paul Mitchell and performed by Paul Mitchell and various friends including Ben Mitchell, Matt Mitchell, Julia Lucille, Kevin Williams, Arron Casper and Zachary Daniel.

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Track Name: Just Leave Me Alone
You took everything I ever wanted
And walked away like it was nothing to you
I left you alone when you asked me to
So what are you doing here now?

No, it's ok, you can stay
But I better leave alone
Just leave me alone

Months pass by but I feel the same, except that
Now I feel like you're the one to blame for how I feel
I got nothing to hold on to
And I feel old habits creeping in
Oh, aint it a shame?

Please don't tell dad how I feel
Cause it would only make him sad
But tell him it's not his fault
That I am who I am

Paul, won't you please come home?
It'd be good to have you back around
But I just hit the ground
Cause I already knew

I'm never coming home
Yeah, I'll never make it back home
And it feels like I'm gonna die alone
And I'll never make my own home
Track Name: It's Alright, Sometimes
Hey kid do you think I'm dumb
That's ok cause I get numb
Sometimes life don't make no sense
But I guess if you've got friends
It's alright, sometimes

It's alright, sometimes
Track Name: This One's For You
See ya in September babe
Your eyes get small just like two little moons
Can I see you in October too?
Cause I've got some friends I wanna see
And there's a man wanna sell me an old pump organ
It's been a long long time since I made pretty music
And now that's all I wanna do

Yeah, I don't got a lot to say to you
It's been a long long time since I felt this unfamiliar feeling
Did you feel it too?
I have to admit, I'd never thought about it
Till we were sitting there and I was looking at you
And I could feel the moon gleaming at me

Won't you play your pretty music too?
Won't you play your pretty music to me?